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Meet the Wonderfood team

Panagiotis Kantas


If you want to talk about ingredient quality and about health of mind, body or heart in general, please contact Panagiotis.

  • Messing with the kitchen! 75%
  • Emails 85%
  • Human relations! 95%

Panos Chaloftis


If you want to organize events or collaborate to spread a healthier approach to everyday meals through WOnderfood, please contact Panos.

  • Μάρκετινγκ 75%
  • Logistics 85%
  • Social Media 95%

Sofia Kanellou

If you want to know more about the scientific aspect of our cuisine or to get in touch with our nutritionist, please contact Sofia

  • Nutrition 75%
  • Health 85%
  • Science 95%

Vasia Pelegrati

If you want to make a suggestion for a new recipe or to express your gratitude to our chef and/or the kitchen team, please use this email.

  • Kneading 75%
  • Light cooking 85%
  • Magic 95%

Mr. Φ

for any other inquiry, suggestion or question, please contact Mr. Φ!

  • Happy 100%
  • Healthy 100%
  • Hearty 100%

Don't be shy! Contact us!

If you are interested in collaborating with wonderfood, send us your ideas and suggestions and only wonderfood things will happen!