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 How much love can a meal hold?

Athlete, health-freak, Vegan, or just wellbeing lover?

One of the biggest truths in life: “We are what we eat”!

Our body is searching to find the best, freshest, healthiest and most natural ingredients, in every meal, in order to feed it self and stay healthy!!

It needs all of these ingredients as “fuel”. It is the energy that we consume in every move we make, when we smile, dance, think, make a step, make a decision, celebrate, hug… for everything!! Now, consider minimizing our everyday intake of yesterday’s, frozen, processed and industrialized food, and replace it with fresh, natural, tasty and healhty ingredients, vegetables, legumes, seeds, sprouts, cereal, garden-produce, fruit, etc!!! Consider the party that will take place inside us if our body receives full, fresh, tasty and healthy meals every day!!

Well, this party now has a name: wonderfood 

..and this party’s cuisine cooks with 4 magical ingredients, EVERY SINGLE DAY!! 

Live cuisine!


New menu every week!

Cooked daily!

Fresh ingredients!

Prepared with love!

We take eat seriously!

Zero-food waste!

We cook only on a pre-order basis!

No wasted food!

Cooked lightly (steamed)!

Low carbon footprint!

No plastic bags!

We take eat seriously!

Wonder nutrition!


Scientifically supported by our super nutritionist!

Full meals!

Rare ingredients & superfoods!

High nutritional value!

We take eat seriously!

We take EAT personally!

Close to our producers!

Direct supply from the farms!

Close to you!

Specialty cuisine according to your needs!

Fasting, intolerancies, allergies, vegeterian, clinical diets?

We take eat seriously!

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